• Hand-Picked Bluegrass Music From Newfoundland

    Our newest CD

    "Hand-Picked carries on the band's tradition of blending vocal and instrumental versions of old-time, folk, country, and popular music old and new done up bluegrass style. Newfoundland songwriters like Sherry Ryan, Ron Hynes and Peter Narv�ez are represented, along with newly discovered gems from writers like Ry Cooder and Paul Siebel, and bluegrass classics from Ralph Stanley, Earl Scruggs and others."

    01. Stop The Trains
    02. No Bankers Left Behind
    03. Big John McNeil
    04. Washed My Hands In Muddy Water

    05. One Of These Days
    06. Vitamin C
    07. Blind Sugar Hill
    08. The Ballad Of Honest Sam
    09. Ridin' That Midnight Train
    10. Take A Chance On Love
    11. Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
    12. Silver Eagle
    13. Teardrops In My Eyes

  • Live 'n' Pickin'

    Our CD released to celebrate 40 years as a band

    "A fantastic collection of live recordings made across their carreer and featuring guest appearances from Newfoundland stars such as Ron Hynes, John Lacey, Baxter Wareham, and Gordon Quinton, who compliment and augment Crooked Stovepipe�s blend of Newfoundland folk and Bluegrass genres."

    01. Ashes of Love

    02. Encouragement
    03. Kitty Jones Reel

    04. I’ll Still Write Your Name in the Sand
    05. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
    06. Homestead on the Farm
    07. St. Anne’s Reel
    08. Poison Love
    09. We Live in Two Different World
    10. From the Bay
    11. Fireball Mail
    12. Long Distance Information
    13. Who Will Sing for Me
    14. I Cried Again
    15. Gold Watch and Chain
    16. Father O’Flynn/Smash the Window
    17. See You Later

  • For Little Ones

    For Little Ones is a children's bluegrass album that we made with Colleen Power

    01. Around the Bay
    02. Gimmee Gimmee

    03. The Muffin Man
    04. Responsibility
    05. Clare Marie
    06. Bumbaleena

    07. The Banana Song
    08. Uncle Wally
    09. Sur Le Pont D'Avignon
    10. Morningtown Ride
    11. The Greeting Card Song
    12. The White Balloon Song
    13. Noel
    14. Twinkle Twinkle Medley

  • Just In Case

    Winner of the 2006 ECMA for Bluegrass Recording of the Year

    "Good hard-core bluegrass played with passion and enthusiasm." - Bluegrass Unlimited

    "...a well-balanced and cohesive group ...a must-have for bluegrass aficionados or anyone just looking to hear some good music." Newfoundland Quarterly

    01. Old Swinging Bridge
    02. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
    03. Red-Haired Boy
    04. Get Back Change
    05. High on a Hilltop
    06. Carolyn at the Broken Wheel

    07. Just in Case
    08. Golden Slippers
    09. Angel Band
    10. Leaving

    11. Sonny's Dream

  • Pickin' On The Rock - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    "Newfoundland bluegrass music at its best, as pleasant a sound as you'll hear anywhere" The Telegram

    "One of the most enjoyable bluegrass albums on the market" RPM Magazine

    01. I's the B'y & All That
    02. Park Avenue Swing
    03. Prison Dance

    04. Labrador Rose
    05. Dark Hollow

    06. Farewell Cindy
    07. Uncle Tom
    08. The Star of Logy Bay
    09. Sweet Sunny South
    10. Tiny Red Light
    11. I'll Sail My Ship Alone
    12. Matthew XXIV
    13. Crooked Stovepipe

  • Newfoundland Bluegrass

    "Refreshingly upbeat and intelligent material, Crooked Stovepipe's amiable performances will charm the receptive listener..." Bluegrass Canada Magazine

    "Neil Rosenberg and Crooked Stovepipe have a lot to say about bluegrass and how it relates to less compromised forms of folk music." Bluegrass Unlimited

    01. There's No Price Tags On the Doors of Newfoundland

    02. Don't Do It and It Won't Be on Your Mind
    03. Queenstown
    04. Moonshine Can
    05. Let's Live For Tonight
    06. Captain John
    07. I'll Never Shed Another Tear
    08. The Girl I Left Behind Me
    09. Turn Your Radio On
    10. I Wish I Had a Nickel
    11. The Old Polina
    12. Railroading On The Great Divide
    13. Pike County Breakdown
    14. Concerning Charlie Horse
    15. Penniless (But Not Baroque)
    16. This World Is Not My Home

    17. The Blue Star Song

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